• Let Me Upgrade You!

    Let Me Upgrade You!
    Let Me Upgrade You!Last time we met, I shared with you guys my realization about being kinder to myself when it comes to the self-imposed pressure to perform professionally at unrealistic levels. After re-reading it, I realized that I just lightly brushed over a few enhancements to the site that I’d like to take a moment to acknowledge since I near drove myself crazy...

    PEOPLE BE TRIPPIN’ On the heels of a successful beta, I had a lot of work to do. I got tons of great feedback from friends and family. But, it left me with a long list of upgrades and additions to make to the site including: 1. Enhance the What’s Blooming page to allow clients to select their own featured flower box; 2. Develop...
  • Beta, Beta, Beta, Beta, Rockin’ Everywhere!

    Beta, Beta, Beta, Beta, Rockin’ Everywhere!
    Queen Erykah Badu told y’all: “Now keep in mind that I’m an artist, and I’m sensitive about my shit.” After this past week, I’m here to simply say: Same, sis…same. After months of planning and strategizing and designing, I invited the first group of visitors to beta test the sturdiness of this house I’ve built. I didn’t realize how much of myself I’d poured...
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